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27 May 2012 @ 02:17 pm
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Hey Gals!
I'm Stefanie or Chipsy from Germany, but I live at the moment in Japan, Okayama as an exchangestudent. I study Hydrology.
I like Gyaru for over a year now and have here the good chance to get some clothes to try it out.
My favourite brand is Liz Lisa, but for going to clubs I also prefer MA*RS, Skinny Lip or Lip Service.
For my Make up I like to use MAC, but in Japan it's much more expensive then in Germany, so I wait until I go home in August to get new stuff.

I went shopping yesterday (got a new long skirt at Cecil Mc Bee) and my friend took some pics:

Dress: LizLisa
Shoes: Bonita
Headbow: BTSSB
Jewelery: Liz Lisa and Clairs

I went to Tokyo in March, because some of my friends visited me. I also met Sui for the first time.
Here is a pic with my very close friend Yuki and the beautiful Sui:

Skirt, Top, Jacket,Headbow: MA*RS
Shoes: Bonita

Concrit is welcome ^.^
I am at....: Japan,
chipsy88chipsy88 on May 30th, 2012 12:46 am (UTC)
thx you and I know, that I'm not perfect yet. I have often problems to get a good makeup. I will try to show you in my next post more of it to get more advices. And yes I'm uing lashes, but I can also never use circle lenses, cause of some surgeries I had.

when I'm wearing LizLisa I try to copy the style of the LizLisa Models. So a more "naturally" style. I hope, I will be one day good in it.
wickedpepperwickedpepper on May 30th, 2012 06:52 am (UTC)
You'll get there. Circles aren't always needed, I think if you use some more dramatic lashes in combination with more curls you don't need them ;)