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hello ♪

Hello Gals ♪
Didn't post here in a while~~
So I thought I just post a few outfits from the last couple of months which I personally really liked :)

Lately I tried out more lighter eye-make. Wonder if it suits me better uh..

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First post ^ ^ I'm Chil Kwon

Hellow gals ^ ^ This is the first time i post in here, so I'm going to introduce myself ~~  I'm Chil Kwon, from Buenos Aires, Argentina . 
I love gyaru, anime & manga , I love G Dragon (frm BIG BANG) I'm a hairstylist, so i love making hairdos <3 
My favorite models are Kumicky, Tsubasa, Remi and  akipoyo ^ ^ I like all  gyaru sub styles, but I think i'm more into gyaru kei and onee gyaru,
Here are some pics of me, and two hair tutorials that I made



My blog is

 well, nice to meet you all ! Comments and advices are welcome ^ ^ 
I'm new in live journal, sorry I don't know how to use it very well xDDD 

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Hello everyone!
My lovely cousin took me out today and since I haven't had the chance to go out anywhere recently I thought I'd dress up
Here is my makeup for today. 

I also recently picked up a new phone case that I thought was just adorable!
Not only do I love Totoro, but just the colors on the case are beautiful and very calming.

Here's my outfit today with a new blouse I recently picked up. Sorry no shoes in the house! hehe. but I was wearing some white socks with a lace trim to match my blouse, and black zip up ankle boots to go with my purse, which i also didn't get a chance to photograph :< She picked me up before I got the chance to.

And here's me eating some shaved ice. >u< My mouth is a little funny looking because I was eating hehe , but it was yummy nonetheless! 

I went for more of a sweeter, more innocent look this time with my hair and makeup . Though I can't really call the outfit gyaru, I usually dress like this on a day to day basis. If anyone has any tips on what I could add to my outfit to make it more gyaru (whatever type that may be), that would be really helpful! :)) Thank you for reading everyone!~

Back again ~

Hey gals ~ I just got back from Japan ^^ and I miss it so much :(  I had suuuch a great time ~~ Anyways, here are my pics from Japan, and home ^^ (I got to shop at Ichimarukyu *-*)

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First post ^^

Hi I'm Charlotte from Minneapolis Minnesota. This is my first post. I started out being interested in Japanese street fashion and lolita. I am not tooo girly most of the time so I like a street look. Hope you like my look.  =) I am inspired also by Pastelbat.Picture 494
Picture 505
Picture 497

Hello I´m Eri

Hey, nice to meet you :)
I started a blog a while ago too but I wasn´t sure whether I should post about it here or not, because there are so many great and inspiring Gals on this site and I wanted to improve a bit at first ^-^ 
My blog is called ;) I write about my life, Japan and stuff I like.
Here are some of my recent Gyaru tries xD I do Gal style since 4 months now so I´m not a pro already, but I keep trying my best and find a style that truly represents me ;) My biggest inspirations are Mizukitty and Okarie ^-^


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Daisy 1

Hi again! n.n

Its been a while that I dont post anything C:
I want to show you some pictures that I took yesterday
Hope you like it and what you think? n.n
Here is my blog if you wanna watch it n.n


And I want to show you too a bow that I made by myselfe n.n sorry cuz my hair looks a little messy :$

Thank you so much byebye n.n