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Everyday Gyaru

for a more fashionable life

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Everyday aspects of your gyaru life!

Welcome to Everyday Gyaru!

★Stopped doing themes because nobody is interested :P★

NEW MEMBERS! Don't be afraid to post,
but please try your best.
If you feel your look isn't gal yet,
keep practicing! Try asking for tips
in kogal_panel and improving your look
before submitting a post to everyday_gyaru :)

♥As a member, Follow the rules!:
(updated October 2011)

Post pictures with every post! Here at everday_gyaru we are looking for effort! This means HAIR/MAKE/STYLE/NAILS/etc.
We are trying to improve the quality of the posts which are approved. We want people to come to the community and see GALS.
We are trying to move the community forward based in style,
and less focused on advice/concrit. Please understand :)
If your post is rejected, take it lightly but as a motivation to improve your style :)
If you are rejected, like mentioned above, try posting in kogal_panel instead.

Whats allowed?
☆ Style Posts
(clothes, hair, make, etc of YOU)
☆ Shopping posts
(what you've bought, etc)
☆ Event Announcements
☆ Circle advertising
(please dont post more than once per month)
☆ Gal Meetup information/etc
☆ Tutorials

☆ This is NOT a selling journal
Please do not post any sales entries as they will be deleted/rejected!

☆ **DO NOT post Decora, Lolita, Oshare/VK, or gal style mixed with these styles**
If you used to be lolita or vk, fine whatever, but no point to post those pics in a gal comm right? ;)

Rules made be added/edited at as needed

For new members, INTRODUCE YOURSELF♥:

Tell us a little about yourself. Your style influences, where you are from, etc. Show your personality :)
Pictures in gal style required
multiple pictures under a cut! Thanks! <3

***PLEASE ensure your cut is working properly. You can find info about it HERE***

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